“Bob and his office personnel are great. His knowledge about Miami’s traffic laws and the court systems in invaluable and he knows the options and how to reduce/dismiss the best way possible. He’s the man when it comes to violations. Fast, friendly, effective.”

– Erhard Neumeier

“I had an excellent experience with The Baker Law Offices from end to end. First, they took my case in with very short notice because I was on vacation and didn’t know about the ticket. Then I was able to do everything by phone and email, the communications were always precise, timely and the case was won and closed without any consequence to me. I fully recommend The Baker Law Offices if anyone has a criminal traffic issue to resolve in Miami.”

– Ricardo Caballero

“I love The Baker Law Firm… and here’s why… the only thing worse then getting a ticket is getting a “Red Light” ticket that never makes it to your home address. This is unfortunately what happened to me. However, I was notified via a letter I received from The Baker Law Offices. Since I rarely, if ever, get a traffic violation, I didn’t really know what to do. After calling, I was impressed by the level of knowledge, experience, and professionalism of everyone I spoke with. I was especially comforted by Mr. Baker’s level of expertise and time in the industry. In the end, Mr. Baker was able to get the ticket thrown out. I will only use his law firm in the future.”

– Anwar Sadeek

“From personal experience, I love this law office. My father had received two tickets and points were added to his license. The office was able to remove all points from his license in a week period. I will recommend any one to this office. You will not be disappointed.”

– Djamel Joachin

“OMGGG thank you so much for all the help all the time. You guys always save my life and my license. Great service & prices. BEST IN MIAMI PERIOD!!!”

– Lucien Bezerra

“Kept me informed Excellent. I recommend Ira Baker. I hired Ira 1-3 years ago. Ira handled my Speeding / Traffic Ticket matter. I had 27 tickets that were under my name that where not mine. Mr. Baker was able to clear up the situation with the courts and have all 27 tickets thrown out.”

– Julio, a Not me Speeding Ticket client

“I recommend Ira Baker. I hired Ira 1-6 months ago.Ira handled my Car / Auto Accident matter. I had two tickets and I ended up having them both dismissed and did not have to pay court costs. He also got my son’s and his girlfriend’s tickets dismissed. Great job!”

– Harold, a Car Accident client